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Kill Criticism with Compliments

Years ago, when my husband and I ran a furniture manufacturing and retail business, I would do twice yearly wholesale shopping trips to purchase the lamps, pictures, rugs and other accessories we sold in our store. While most of my shopping-savvy

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Personal Responsibility

Sue on top of the mountain, loving life after a very steep hike.

Everyone needs a Sue in their lives. While I’ve known Sue socially for a couple of years, it’s been in the last six months that I’ve been blessed to spend some serious quality time with her. We’ve been hiking in the

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By Grace and By Work

“Why can’t I read the alethiometer anymore?” asked Lyra. “You read it by grace,” said the angel Xaphania, “and you can regain it by work.” “How long will that take?” “A lifetime, but your reading will be even better then.

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Negative Intuition

Intuition is all the little coincidences we notice in our everyday life. I absolutely love to think of them as magic, because they add so much wonder to our lives. Isn’t it is so amazing when you think about someone you

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Chris Hadfield on Fear

Chris Hadfield knows a thing or two about fear. While just about every Canadian knows who he is, Chris is an astronaut who recently commanded the International Space Station. Now retired, it’s his new mission to inspire the next generation

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Untangling Worry

Worry is a sneaky, insidious emotion. I know! That’s a pretty harsh statement, one you don’t often hear from me. The reason it’s sneaky, is because it never just stays at one worry. You start thinking about one problem, and

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Young child downhill skiing.

One the main reasons I write these articles is to encourage and empower my clients. This weekend I was reminded of one of the easiest and fastest ways to help yourself in any situation – EFT! While there is always

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