Meet Alisen


My name is Alisen Dopf.

Alisen Dopf

Alisen Dopf

I am a healer, and a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. I am a member of the International BodyTalk Association, which requires that I constantly update my education to ensure I am using the latest techniques and practices.

Why am I a healer?

Ultimately, it is because this is what I am meant to do.

I love helping people see their lives in a new way, and for some, to get their lives back. Watching my clients progress from one session to the next, as stress and tension leaves their minds and bodies, is an honour that is entrusted to me. I am blessed to have earned this trust, and to return the trust with healing.

Initially, it was because I had such profound changes in my life from receiving BodyTalk treatments that I was super curious to know how it worked. I wanted to help myself and my family on a regular basis.

When I experienced the power of practicing BodyTalk first hand, I knew this was a life changer for me. The day I did my first BodyTalk formula in class, I sat in awe as I felt the formula leave my body and enter my practice partner. As I realized what was happening, I could feel my partner’s emotions change as the shift happened within her. Powerful. Simply powerful. I was so happy for my partner, that she could receive help and relief.

Two months after taking my initial training, I had a profound experience that left no doubt in my mind that I was meant to be a healer. I was able to help an individual who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to ‘come alive’ again. I left my old career behind, and have fully dedicated myself to the art and science of BodyTalk and healing.

To learn more about my own healing journey, please click here.

Life Before Healing

My husband and I ran a successful furniture manufacturing business. Before that, I was a marketing and communications experts, and specialized in software companies. I am not what you would call the shawl-wearing, incense-burning type of person. Frankly, I could hardly believe that healing was my true calling.

What I now realize, is that healing with BodyTalk and my other methods, is the convergence of two rivers. It brings together my science-based and logical left brain, with my intuitive, lateral thinking right brain.

It is by using the abilities of both sides of my brain that I can be fully present to help you reach your goals.

In BodyTalk, you are the master of your own healing. I am here to be 100% present, to witness your needs, to support you in what you need right now, and to give you what you need.

Ready to take the plunge? Book an appointment now to experience what made me take it too.


BodyTalk is not a ‘quick and easy’ thing to learn. It is a series of in-depth courses, taken over time. I regularly participate in study and practice groups, study the materials, and update my education.

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, which means I had to pass the written and oral exam, and I am a member of the International BodyTalk Association.

To date, I have studied the following courses (some of them more than once):

  • BodyTalk Fundamentals – the foundation of BodyTalk.
  • Principles of Consciousness – allows me to find your hidden belief systems and remove them.
  • Macrocosmic Bodymind – allows me to find the factors in the environment that are affecting you, and to balance you against them.
  • Matrices – allows me to remove ‘life of their own’ belief systems from you, and to balance your family and group dynamics.
  • Bio-Dynamics – allows me to balance the five elements, emotional release, and work with your muscular-skeletal body.
  • Mindscape – allows me to tune into your energy. People sometimes think I’m psychic, but it’s really training my brain to synchronize with yours..
  • Breakthrough – allows me to shed my own issues and belief systems so I can be fully present to hear yours.
  • FreeFall – allows me to reach incredible depths of self acceptance, so I can be supportive and empathetic to you and your challenges.
  • PaRama – this highly advanced training is a game changer. Delving into the consciousness of your brain to allow shifts at the deepest core of your being.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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