Adventures in Confidence

Confidence is the single greatest adventure of my life. I have been blessed with endless opportunities to go from zero to hero, and to really dive into what it means and what it takes to be confident.

The Confidence Adventure – Hope, Courage and Confidence – is my life’s work. This is what I was meant to learn – in a big, meaningful, impactful way. Everything else I have done – including my mountain and healing adventures – is a step in the greatest adventure of them all. Exploring what it means to be truly confident.

I have completed so many Confidence Adventures in my life, I was beginning to think that I was either cursed, or had a complete inability to stick with something for a prolonged period. What I know now, is that I was sticking to one thing – learning how to get confident in a variety of different areas of life, including work, sports, and other pursuits.

Once I realized my life’s purpose, and what I had gone through unconsciously, I began to consciously map out the steps of the Confidence Adventure. I then created a process to re-create this process – on purpose! In addition, I have created a learning process to teach others how they can consciously add confidence to various areas of their life.

Articles on Confidence

Here are some articles on the theme of confidence.


I have created a course specially designed for women to dramatically increase their confidence. It is a six week course with PowerPoint-based lectures, in-class practical exercises, and a workbook for in-class and homework based exercises. Click here to learn more about the Confidence for Women course.

I am also developing a general confidence course for men and women.


I have been asked to present on Confidence at various conferences. I have a few set presentations, but I am can also prepare a presentation to suit the needs of your company or organization. Click here to learn more about live presentations on Confidence.

I do not know where the Confidence Adventure will take me, but I promise you, if you join me, it will be one heck of a wild ride! If you are inspired, piqued, or just plain curious, then come join me on. Your sense of adventure will thank you.

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