Confidence for Women Course

After working with so many people from all different backgrounds, and doing hundreds of sessions, I realized that most of my clients were working through many of the same problems. These problems were caused or heightened by a lack of confidence.

During sessions, I could see that I was teaching the same techniques over and over. These techniques greatly helped my clients gain or increase their self confidence, so they felt powerful enough to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

I have taken these very practical and transformative techniques and brought them together. This coherent, hands-on course allows you to learn in a warm and supportive environment, surrounded by other women who are on the same journey as yourself.


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The course runs weekly for 6 weeks, and each session is 1.5 hours. I found that these concepts needs to be learned, and then put into practice before the next concept is introduced. Each concept builds upon the last. It was so wonderful to see the class participants grow and increase their confidence week over week.

Why only women?

Yes, men can definitely benefit from this course! However, I found that a women’s only space provides a safe place to learn, grow and achieve their potential. Women have the same talent, drive, needs and desires as men, and a women helping women environment helps everyone achieve their goals.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, asks women to “lean in” to achieve their goals. I agree with her. What I’m offering you are the TOOLS to be able to lean in.

What’s the course about?Courage-GMC

First and foremost, my goal is to show you how much confidence you already have. This is not about breaking you down to build you back up. Women are incredibly confident, but they often do not recognize (read: value) their skills.

Women are great at comparing themselves to others. If your metric of confidence is the macho guy who’s quick with the joke and always the centre of attention, then no wonder your confidence is suffering. In the Confidence for Women Course, you will learn what confidence truly is, how it acts, and where to find it.

You will also learn “The Confidence Adventure” – which is the unconscious process of being confident. I will break it down for you step by step, as you make your way from Hope, through Courage and into Confidence.

Course Materials

This is a practical course with lots of hands-on learning and sharing.

Each session begins with a new education lecture. These focus on removing blocks that prevent you from being confident, or techniques to help amplify your current confidence successes.

Each session is accompanied by a Confidence Workbook. This summarizes each lecture, and provides additional exercises to work on either during class or at home.

Sessions also include guided visualizations to move you quickly through each step towards greater confidence.

Finally, you will practice these techniques in the supportive atmosphere of the class, and are encouraged to practice at home and work. Each week, you are expected to come with to class examples of how you practiced the concepts learned, and how it affected your daily life.

Confidence Building Techniques

These are some of the topics we cover:

  • Positive Self-Talk – the quick and permanent way to change your thinking, and your behaviour.
  • Worry – the silent confidence killer and how to make it work for you.
  • Conflict and Criticism – this alone is worth the price of admission! Learn how to deal with conflict, and deflect criticism.
  • Perfection – why it’s holding you back, and what to do about it.
  • Anxiety and Fears – learn to move beyond them to get the life you really want.
  • Personal Power – it’s yours, you now must learn to take it back.

What an opportunity! To learn with other like-minded women going through exactly the same thing you are. The power and energy of a group session cannot be underestimated.

Why me?

My entire life is about continuously practicing the Confidence Adventure formula to become confident in a wide variety of pursuits. During the Course I will share some one of my confidence journeys, including being unable to speak during a simple business meeting, to loving public speaking engagements.

I know what it takes to get to confidence as I’ve done it many, many times. I wish there was a manual, or a “Confidence Certification Test” that I could take, but there’s not. I urge you to use my 30+ years of practical knowledge on how to gain confidence to get it yourself – quickly!

Book the Confidence for Women Course

Sometimes my course if offered through various community organizations, and is open to anyone who wants to register. If I have a general course being offered, I will promote it here.

Often, the course is privately booked for groups or businesses. If you want to learn more about booking a course, please contact me to discuss further.

Confidence Presentations

Iwomens-conference--webbanner have been asked to present on Confidence at various women’s conferences, and as well as general audiences. I have a variety of presentations, ranging from an overview of what confidence is, and how to use The Confidence Adventure. Other presentations focus on specific aspects of the course, so each person who attends comes away with concrete tools to increase their confidence. To book me for your conference or organization, please contact me to discuss further.





2 comments on “Confidence for Women Course
  1. Raeleen says:

    Hi Alisen. Do you have an October event coming up?

    • alisendopf says:


      Hi Raeleen, yes I do! Thanks for the reminder to update my website.
      The Confidence for Women course starts Monday October 3rd, at either noon or 6:30 pm.

      I’m also at the Okotoks Women’s Conference on September 24th.
      Thanks again Raeleen,

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