Adventures in Healing

When I first started my website in 2012, it was to share my personal healing adventures. After suffering with PTSD for several years, I finally found relief through energy work. I experienced about a decade long exploration of what it meant to be broken in a completely new way, and then finding the tools and experts to help put me back together.

I had never heard of energy, or that it could help people, so I thought it was important to share my story. I was extremely curious about this abstract thing called energy, and how it could have such a profound effect on me. This exploration lead me to become an energy healer. I was honoured to work with many brave people who trusted me to share their pain and suffering.

While I was working as a healer, I found that I had to go hiking, scrambling and skiing. I had to physically pound out a week’s worth of hurt, trauma, and pain that my clients had entrusted to me. I would churn up the most difficult scree slope, one step up, two steps sliding backwards, all the while releasing other people’s troubles out of my pores, mind and spirit. Sometimes I wouldn’t even remember getting to the top, I was so focused on releasing stuff from my clogged system.

My life changed dramatically in 2015, and I found I could no longer ‘do it all’ and something had to give. I had to let go of my healing practice, despite it growing year over year. I will always help people in need, but now I do it more organically. People still entrust me with their hurts and traumas, but now it’s usually on the trail. Together we pound out the pain, and the mountains infuse the empty places with love and strength.

There is a LOT to read in my website, so I have broken it down, and categorized it so you move to the sections that interest you.


My Healing Journey

This is still my most read and appreciated section of my website. I invite you to glimpse inside a tiny portion of my world, and see what it takes to move past trauma. If I can do it, so can you.

My Healing Journey


The Healing Adventure

I wrote this article in a fit of inspiration one night when I couldn’t sleep. I really wanted my clients – and everyone! – to know that each healing journey is completely different. It is meant as encouragement to follow your own path, and to discover what works for you.

I also want people to stop looking for that one Magic Bullet that would fix them forever. I was frustrated when new clients came to see me, and after one session asked when they would be better. Really? It took you 55 years to get here, and now you expect one session to magic you better?

While I have seen extraordinary transformations in one session, there is always lots of work to do. Sometimes it’s one step in front of another, and sometimes it’s one step forward, two steps backward. To be honest, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be ‘amazing’ and to help people as much as possible in each and every session. When I got feedback that my efforts were not enough, not soon enough, not fast enough, I felt I had let them down.

When I look back on my own healing path, I realize that while I was extremely well supported by my energy healers, I really had to take responsibility for my own healing. If you are looking for help, then please go out and find it. Give yourself time to heal. It took me years of monthly sessions, hard work, and training to finally get better. Do not shortchange yourself. Put in the effort, the hard work, and you will be rewarded.

Please read The Healing Adventure and let your journey to wellness begin.


Healing Articles

There is a LOT of articles and information on my website. To make it easier to find what you are interested in, I have categorized my articles into section.

Please visit the Healing Articles page to decide what you want to read.




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