Adventures in Mountains

The mountains literally feed my soul. Whenever I’m feeling down, low energy, or just a bit bitchy, I know it’s time to head back to the mountains. I have done hundreds of routes in Canada and internationally. I am now sharing these experiences on my blog to inspire others to create their own adventures.


These Trip Reports are organized by Hiking, Backpacking, Summits & Scrambles, Skiing, and Bicycling. For Trip Reports organized by Location, click here. For Trip Reports in alphabetical order, click here.



Summits and Scrambles:

Cross-Country Skiing:

Backcountry Skiing:

Other Skiing:



Adventure Presentations

I absolutely love to share my mountain adventures with live audiences. These presentations are upbeat, full of gorgeous photos, and include important details like distance, elevation gains, and such. I have a stable of multi-day adventure presentations from the Yukon to Peru, with more being added yearly. Click here to see what’s on offer, and if you would like to have a presentation for your group or organization.

Intro to Hiking Course

I teach an Introduction to Hiking course. It covers everything from trip planning, packing, and successful route navigation. It is 20+ years of my extensive mountain knowledge condensed into a comprehensive booklet. The course also includes a guided hike with me. Click here to learn more about this course for you, your group or your organization.

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