Distance & Surrogate Sessions

BodyTalk and energy healing in general works because I access your energy and your subconscious to bring awareness to issues, and then allow shifts to happen so you can move forward. As we are all energy beings, and everything is energy, I do not need your physical body in front of me in order to access your energy. I have specialized training that allows me to access your energy no matter where you are. In fact, I do this before your in-person session – I bring in your energy in preparation for your session. I am simply a conduit that allows whatever you need to work on to flow.

Why would you choose a distance session?

  • For people who want to work with me, but don’t live in the area.
  • During the winter, or a snow storm.
  • When the person would like help, but just can’t quite get here in person for a variety of reasons.

Distance Session Logistics

Before your session, please send an email or call me with the following information:

  1. What has changed for you since your last session.
  2. What you would like to work on for this session.
Raggedy Ann and Andy are used to represent my female and male distance clients.

Raggedy Ann and Andy are used to represent my female and male distance clients.

I record your session ‘live’ and make notes along the way, just as I would during a regular session. I use my dolls Raggedy Ann or Andy to represent you on the table. You receive both the recording and the PDF with my notes. When you listen to the session, lie down somewhere quiet, and follow along as you listen.

Afterwards, we have a 10 minute conversation so you can ask questions or to fill in any holes.

Payment is by email money transfer.

Please click to book your distance session.

What is a Surrogate and why would you choose this?

A surrogate is someone who physically lies on my treatment bed and ‘represents’ the client, the person I’m working with. The surrogate is always someone who is deeply connected to the client like a wife, husband, mother or father. The client has given me their full 100% permission to be worked on, and permission for their wife/husband/mom/dad to be the surrogate. The client will benefit exactly the same as if they were the one on the table.

The surrogate choice is ideal for people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. If your husband or wife is a first responder (like fire, EMS or police), or is serving/served in the military, they may be suffering from the effects of seeing and/or working in life-threatening situations. Sometimes it is very hard for the person with PTSD to talk about their situation, but they would still like help.

Also, being the spouse or parent of someone with PTSD is extremely stressful. This is something that the spouse or parent can ‘do’ for their loved one.

Surrogate Session Logistics

Before the session, the client and the surrogate discuss what the client would like to work on. It can be as general or as specific as needs be. If the client is ok with discussing things with me, they can phone me and we can discuss this in person.

The surrogate lies on my table, and we both set the intention that the surrogate fully 100% represents the client. I then perform the session for the benefit of the client. The session is also recorded and notes are taken. This is sent to the client to listen to and read on their own. The client and surrogate are then encouraged to discuss the session together.

Afterwards I offer the client a ten minute conversation to review their session and so they can ask questions and get clarification.

Please click to book your distance session.



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