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Confidence for Women – The Course!

Join me on a magical, six-week journey that will take you from Hope, through Courage, to arrive at your destination – CONFIDENCE!

Confidence is a series of simple steps that you can easily practice and integrate into your everyday life.

Whether you are a professional looking to take the next leap in your career, a stay-at-home mom who needs the courage to reach out in her community or engender confidence in her children, this course is for you.

Click HERE for the full course description, times and location. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Please join me for at the 2016 Okotoks Women’s Conference for a preview of the course. Saturday, September 24th. See below for more details.

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Okotoks Women’s Conference
September 24, 2016


Featured Presenter – Confidence for Women

This is my second year as a Presenter at the very popular Okotoks Women’s Conference. Last year’s presentation was “Confidence for Women” and it drew upon my over 25 years experience in learning and researching how to empower myself and other women to be confident on a daily basis.

This year’s presentation is “Who’s the Boss?” Everyone who attends will come away with several concrete tools they can use to increase their confidence immediately. This session will be fun and interactive, with several opportunities to stand up and try out the techniques for yourself.

For more information and to register, please visit the 2016 Okotoks Women’s Conference website.




Neural-Linguistic Programming
May, 2014


Me & Anita Kozlowski

Alisen with Master NLP Trainer Anita Kozlowski at the 8 day intensive training.

Neural-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an essential part of my healing practice. Your mind responds to only two things – the pictures you make, and the words you tell yourself.

I pair NLP with active visualizations to allow you to change the words you use, so you can change the pictures in your head to positive, healing scenes.

As a Healer, I’ve developed my own style and method for helping my clients reach their potential in many areas of their life, be it professional or personal. I find the combination of BodyTalk formulas and NLP Active Visualizations to be a wonderful balance between deep energy shifts and retraining your brain to help and energize you.

NLP is an absolutely massive, all-encompassing program. To give you an idea of how big it is, after taking the course in May,  I immediately took it again in September. I’ve yet to audit any other course.

To learn more about Anita Kozlowski, please visit her site.




Mediumship Certification with Charles Virtue,
December 1, 2013

Alisen with Charles Virtue at the Mediumship Certification course.

Alisen with Charles Virtue at the Angel Mediumship Certification course.

I was very blessed to train with Charles Virtue, the son on renowned Angel expert Doreen Virtue. This course is actually an Angel Mediumship course, as we learned how to work with Archangel Michael, Rafael, and Azriel to guide and protect our connection with spirit.

While I have connected to spirit for some time, as some of my clients know, I was not comfortable in publicly sharing this information. If spirit came through in your session, I would test to  make sure you wanted to hear about it, and if so, then would tell you what message spirit had for you.

This course has confirmed for me what I had already suspected: that messages from spirit are meant to be loving, to help you forgive, and ultimately to heal.

Every time spirit has come through in a healing session, it has been to help heal my client. Occasionally it is to help heal the spirit if they need some help moving on.

Will spirit enter every healing session? No, simply because if they don’t have anything to help with or say that will contribute to your healing, they will not speak up. Also, spirit is not omnipresent like Angels. They are only with one person at a time, and they may not be with you during your healing session.

If you do feel spirit is near you, and would like more information, please ask during your healing session. Or, if you feel some past life issues that spirit might be able to shed some light on, feel free to ask about this as well. I will not be offering ‘readings’ but I am more than happy to help you connect with your loved ones that have left their physical body if it is to encourage love, forgiveness and healing.

For more information on Charles, please visit his website.




Belief Re-Patterning with Suze Casey
August 2013

Belief Re-Patterning is an amazing technique that will quickly take you from negative to positive, from fearful to confident, from stressed to relaxed. When I was first introduced to this work, I was vibrating from head to toe because I knew it could change my life, and the life of my clients.

Alisen Dopf standing with Suze Casey at a course.

Alisen with Suze Casey, developer of Belief Re-Patterning.

Since I took two of Suze’s courses in August (Flip Your Switch, and Beyond the Basics), I have introduced Belief Re-Patterning to many of my clients. If you’ve ever had to say a series of sentences out loud during your session, this is Belief Re-Patterning work.

Suze has written a book, which is more like an entire course in changing your life (!!!). It’s called “Belief Re-Patterning: The Amazing Technique for Flipping Your Switch to Positive Thoughts.” In this incredibly well-written and instructive book, you will learn the simple yet effective six step technique to change how you think.

You can download the Companion Journal to work alongside the book – which I highly recommend.

Visit Suze’s website to purchase the book directly, and she will autograph the book:

Want more information? Please talk to me about it during your session.




2012 Mountain Guides Ball

The Alpine Club of Canada and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides are hosting their 23rd annual Mountain Guides Ball and Fundraiser on October 27th.

This year the patron is my good friend Ferdl Taxbock, who I have had the absolute pleasure of skiing with over the last few years.

To support this fundraiser and the all mountain guides who keep us safe on our adventures, I am donating a 6 pack of BodyTalk sessions to the silent auction.

If you enjoy the mountains, whether you employ a guide or not, this is a great event to support as the road to becoming a guide is long and grueling. Come on out and join in the fun!

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