Confidence Presentations


Iwomens-conference--webbanner have been asked to present on Confidence at various women’s conferences, and as well as general audiences. I have a variety of presentations, ranging from an overview of what confidence is, and how to use The Confidence Adventure. Other presentations focus on specific aspects of the course, so each person who attends comes away with concrete tools to increase their confidence. To book me for your conference or organization, please contact me to discuss further. As a graduate of the Dale Carnegie speaking program, I know how to engage an audience, I speak from the heart (not read from my notes), and the feedback on my presentations is always very positive.


The Confidence Adventure Presentation

This presentation focuses on the Confidence Adventure. You’ll learn why Hope sets you off on this adventure in the first place, and how it keeps you going. You will learn about the sometimes long, difficult and scary middle that will inspire you to gather all your Courage, and weather the inevitable failures that come with trying something new. Finally, you will arrive at this mystical place called Confidence. You will now understand what Confidence really is, and what it is not. You will also learn how to go beyond basic confidence, and how taking a wrong turn at this point is detrimental. Click here to book this presentation.


Confidence Step One – Who’s the Boss?

This presentation is similar to Day 1 of the Confidence Course. You will learn about the Confidence Pillars, and how to gauge your level of confidence in various areas of your life. You will then take one area of your life where you want to increase your confidence. First you will benchmark where you are. You will do two practical exercises that prove how you are indeed the boss of your mind and your success in life. Next, you’ll learn the daily practice that has changed lives, and will improve yours, as you work towards your goal of more confidence in your life. Click here to book this presentation.



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