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Full gratitude bliss

A good friend and I were able to actually sit down and chat for an hour, something that doesn’t happen very often with our busy schedules. She asked me what was on my mind. This is what I should have

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Belief Systems and how they ‘Should’ Affect You

The dark walnut floors looked great in the showroom. The reality of living in the country with young kids – not so good. My hardwood goes from gleaming to grungy in under 60 seconds. It’s enough to make a grown

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Case Study: One very twisted ankle

Twisted Ankle Side-Before

Jane Client went out dancing one Friday night, missed a step, and badly twisted her ankle. As the night was young, she stayed out and danced it all evening. She didn’t seek medical attention until the next day. The Urgent

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See what’s possible.

Just as in life, there are many possibilities in healing, each just as likely as the next. There are also just as many possible ways to arrive at the same healing result using a variety of methods. The foundation of

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