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200th Strava Activity!

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to exercise daily for one full year. 22 months later and I’m still going strong.

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Re-Frame Failure

This is me failing to summit Castle Mountain. My husband Mike and I spent the night in our van at the base of the mountain, and were up at 5:00 am to bag this summit. After 6 hours, over 10

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Bless You: Change Envy to Power

Jealousy is a projection onto others of our greatest desires and needs, but it prevents us from looking inwards to help ourselves.

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Build girls up, not tear down

My daughter Kayla just completed her first major essay in Grade 8 Language Arts class. She took on a worthy topic of “Should young children be given smartphones?” While Kayla *loves* her iPhone so much that it’s taken away for a

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Forgive, not Befriend

Of all the healing concepts, forgiveness is one of the most complex and sometimes, most misunderstood. On a basic level, to forgive is to allow that another is human, has made a mistake (sometimes a mistake even you could have

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Let It Be

It’s the day before I leave on vacation to Peru with my family. My Visa card was stolen the week before, and I’m desperately waiting for the replacement to come. This is the difference between a good vacation, and a

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Gratitude for Kids

Yup, it’s true. Even kids with their lovely, amazing, creative and plastic minds can get stuck in a negative rut. If a child is having a hard time at school, then it’s easy to get into a habit of feeling bad,

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