Red Rock Canyon

September 27, 2020

The Red Rock Canyon is a short but fun interpretive trail in Waterton National Park. It takes 20 minutes to tour, if you’re really dogging it. We had just biked the Akamina Parkway, and thought this would be an ideal way to finish our day.

The Canyon has interpretive signs, and it used to be a loop. Unfortunately, the upper bridge is out.

We were there on a Sunday, in late September, during covid with no international visitors, and it was quite busy. I can imagine that during a regular summer weekend this place would be packed.


Whatever you have on 🙂

Parking and Trail Head

There is a parking lot right at the end of the Red Rock Parkway, right next to the Canyon. Or, you can cycle the Red Rock Parkway. See this trip report for all the info.

Main Trail

There is a pathway above the north and south shores of the canyon. It used to form a loop, but unfortunately the upper bridge is now out. We walked up the south shore, then doubled back and walked up the north shore.

We then walked down to the water. There is a pathway and stone steps next to the lower bridge.

There are interpretive signs throughout Red Rock Canyon.
Looking down on Red Rock Canyon from the south side trail. This is the lower bridge. Access to the canyon is on the left.
The trail on the south shore, looking towards the upper bridge.
Mike standing at the now closed north bridge. We walked back down to the lower bridge, and walked back up to the bridge on the other side for the full loop.
A view of Mount Blakiston from the canyon.
The fun part is going down to the water. There is a path and stone steps from the south side, just before the lower bridge.
It’s fun to play around in the water and on the sides of the rocks. I can imagine this is a very busy place in the summer.
Leashed and separated. Even with all these people around, the cat and the dog immediately find and keep a sharp eye on each other. My money is on the cat 🙂

Red Rock Canyon is a short but fun side trip. It’s great to combine with other activities, like hiking or cycling in Waterton National Park.

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Totals – Not Tracked

Date: September 27, 2020
Group:  Two (Alisen & Mike)
Distance:  0.7  km
Elevation:  10 m
Time:  20 minutes

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3 comments on “Red Rock Canyon
  1. Looks like you had a great outing. This Red Rock Canyon is so amazing.

  2. Priti says:

    Excellent tour! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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