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200th Strava Activity!

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to exercise daily for one full year. 22 months later and I’m still going strong.

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How to Suck Less in the Mountains, Part II

Being physically prepared for your mountain adventures is only half the battle. Up your mental game with these techniques to improve your chance of a successful day in the mountains.

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How to Suck Less in the Mountains, Part I

Being in great Mountain Shape is easier and closer than you think. Here are some tried and true ways to train for your weekend adventuring.

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Re-Frame Failure

This is me failing to summit Castle Mountain. My husband Mike and I spent the night in our van at the base of the mountain, and were up at 5:00 am to bag this summit. After 6 hours, over 10

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Can an hour change your life?

She was scared, but thrilled. This was step was massive, because it was the first step towards her goal.

Last January I gave a series of Confidence for Women presentations. I believe in this information, and want to spread the word to as many women as I can. My talk explained what Confidence really is, and how to get it.

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Bless You: Change Envy to Power

Jealousy is a projection onto others of our greatest desires and needs, but it prevents us from looking inwards to help ourselves.

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Kill Criticism with Compliments

Years ago, when my husband and I ran a furniture manufacturing and retail business, I would do twice yearly wholesale shopping trips to purchase the lamps, pictures, rugs and other accessories we sold in our store. While most of my shopping-savvy

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