Case Study: One very twisted ankle

Jane Client went out dancing one Friday night, missed a step, and badly twisted her ankle. As the night was young, she stayed out and danced it all evening. She didn’t seek medical attention until the next day.

The Urgent Care centre gave her a set of crutches, instructions to ice her ankle, and sent her home.

I didn’t see Jane until about four or five days after the initial injury.

Twisted Ankle Side-Before

On March 18th (about 5 days after injury) her entire foot is badly swollen and heavily bruised.

Twisted Ankle Top-Before

The bruising is extensive – from the big toe all the way up her leg.

I immediately did a couple of rounds of Fast Aid, a technique you can learn in the BodyTalk Access course taught at Mount Royal University in Calgary (for everyone else, this course is offered through the IBA). Fast Aid incorporates the Cortices technique with the injured area to greatly speed up the healing process on new injuries.

Over the next two weeks, I performed Fast Aid about 4-5 more times.

I also worked on Jane from a distance. It’s energy healing, so I can access your energy from anywhere. I could ‘see’ that the damage wasn’t limited to the ankle area, but continued up both sides of her leg to her knee. I repaired and tightened up the ligaments, and strengthened the muscles to protect her in the future (this is not the first time she’s done this!).  I also repaired the skin, removed the pooled blood (bruising), and drained most of the fluid.

Twisted Ankle Side-After

Side view of twisted ankle on April 9th. Bruising is still visible along bottom edge of foot and there is still some swelling.

Twisted Ankle Top-After

After only three weeks, her foot looks a lot better.

Three weeks after I started working on Jane’s ankle, the swelling and bruising are almost gone, and she was able to gingerly walk on it. By May, she was playing tennis.

Did I really heal Jane? No. Jane healed herself, as her body was meant to. I applied BodyTalk to focus her bodymind system on the injury and what she needed to heal quickly. I was also there as a witness to the healing.

YOU too can heal yourself. See what’s possible.

PS: the next issue for Jane Client to deal with is WHY she twisted her ankle in first place, but that’s another discussion.




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2 comments on “Case Study: One very twisted ankle
  1. Whoa! That injury looks so painful!

    So glad to see the foot/ankle healing nicely.

    • alisendopf says:

      It was a crazy injury. I’m amazed at how quickly it did heal. I think she has done this several times. Apparently, when you hurt your ankle, it means you have a decision to make. I wonder what hers was?

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