My life in Threes

Even healers need to be healed.

I recently went on a weekend retreat with two lovely friends and healers. We holed up in a little condo on a lake for three days to work exclusively on our goals. We each had three questions or things we wanted to work on, and as it turned out, we used three different methods of getting those answers. See the pattern? Three friends, three days, three issues, three solutions? I wanted to share one of my healing moments, as it is going to influence some of the writing that I do on my blog.

While I realize that blogging is all about ‘sharing’ I’m not good talking about myself. Heck, as of the date this gets published, I don’t even have a picture of myself up. So, to share where I’m at, not where my clients are, well, that’s a big step for me.

Anyhoo, my two friends had their cards read by a psychic in town, so they decided to read mine when we got home. Oracle cards are a tool we sometimes use to get more information for a healing session and to gain clarity on a life situation. Each card session is unique to the individual, so the messages I received from these cards would be completely different to the messages you would receive. These are my three cards and their meaning.

The Now, my current reality

Paul Oracle Card

My present – this is my reality.
Deal with it.

This is who I am – not literally some dude named Paul, but his qualities. His internal light is shining so brightly, not even that hideous pink robe can hide it. Why the artist thought that was a good idea…

Intellectually, I know I have this internal light, but sometimes I doubt it. I don’t have a deep-seated feel for it. It’s like it is there, but I can’t hold onto it. This card is to remind me that no matter how hard I try to hide and cover it up, my light will be there and shine through for all to see.

The Path, how to get where I need to be

Athena - my way forward.

My path – what I need to work on right now.

This is the hard part, and the part that is shaping how I communicate with you and, ee gad, everyone in the future. This card is the reason you are even reading this right now. As the epitome of private, very few people know what I’m up to or up against. I’m good with that. But, apparently it’s holding me back.

This card is telling me to let down my guard. Yes, Alisen, pull the sword off to the side so you don’t scare the people. You’ll note it’s still in her hand though, ready to go.

The other message is that I need to welcome people in. It’s not just good enough to dissuade you from coming near, I have to actually wave hello and invite you all in. So, that’s what I’m doing. Shortly, I will write a bit about my healing journey and how I got myself here in the first place.

The Future, my reward for doing the hard work

Thoth card - my future rewards for doing the hard work now.

My future – what I can look forward to if I am successful on my journey.

I truly believe that my clients who do the best with their healing treatments are the ones who do the really hard work in-between sessions. The ones who take the information I share with them to heart, and make the day-to-day changes in their lives to move forward. Unfortunately, that also applies to me. I was hoping I could just wish for the just rewards.

The message in this card is that all I need will be available to me. I will have the knowledge of the moon and the stars, the earthly plane, and the spirit world to help and guide me, as I help and guide others on their healing journey.

That’s worth working for.

So, while the fear of sharing builds in me and I resist hitting the “Publish” button, I will. Every day I ask my clients to face their fears. I can do that because I have faced my own in the past, so what’s one more?




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