Performance Sessions

Preparing for an interview? Having an operation? Studying for that crucial exam? Having a baby? Preparing for the big race?

These are all moments you need to perform at your very best. You want to control your stress levels to stay calm and focused. Cognitive functions firing at full capacity. Muscles using all available oxygen, heart and lungs pumping at capacity.

Performance sessions will help you get there. They are special BodyTalk treatments with the specific agenda of maximizing your performance for a particular event.

They are time released. The BodyTalk session is created in advance, but does not get released – or put into action – until your event. Several formulas may be released at different times of your event as well. For example, 15 minutes before the event, a de-stressing formula might run. Then 25 minutes into the event, a physical or mental formula might run. Depending on your event, another formula might run afterwards to calm and re-stabilize your mind and body.

Commercial Pilot License Written Exam – Case Study

Joe Client comes for regular BodyTalk treatments, and has studied for the last six months to take the written part of his Commercial Pilot License. To fly for a living is a lifelong dream for Joe Client, so this exam is very important to his future.

The exam covers air law and regulations, navigation, meteorology, and general aeronautics. It’s a big test.

On the six practice exams Joe took, he received the following scores: 75%, 78%, 82%, 75%, 70% and 82%. The average score was 77%, with an expected low of 70% and a high of 82%.

I did Joe’s Performance Session a few days before the scheduled test. The first formula calmed him down before the test, which was essential due to some government bureaucracy blundering. Throughout the test, the formula continually maximized his cognitive functioning so he could easily recall the needed information, kind of like a looping computer program.

Another formula dealt with fear and anxiety that would arise about mid-way through the exam. This addressed a scare when Joe realized the map the examiner gave him did not cover the exam questions. I told Joe before the exam that if any fear or anxiety arose, to just wait a moment for the formula to kick in. Once it did, he was able to calmly assess the problem, and get the examiner to give him the proper map.

The results – 87%!

Joe improved his highest score by 5 points, and increased his average score by 10 points.

Midwife Delivering Babies – Case Study

Jane Client is a midwife. A very well-trained, extremely competent and caring midwife. Unfortunately, Jane’s instructor during her practicum was way too generous with demeaning criticisms that destroyed Jane’s self-confidence. Even though Jane knew what to do, her births progressed well, and her clients were very happy, she would beat herself up for not being perfect. Jane’s stress levels were off the charts, causing her body to react physically.

I did Jane’s performance session at a distance on a Friday. Since we are dealing with energy, and all energy is connected, I do not need your physical body in front of me for it to work. The focus was delivering a baby on the following Monday as it was a planned induced labour. While tuning into Jane’s energy, I got that there would be another birth before Monday, so ensured the Performance session would run for both births.

Jane’s performance session was all about her cognitive functioning, being able to access all her training in a timely and effective manner. It also dealt with increasing her personal power and confidence, while removing any traces of demeaning criticism that were left over from her instructor.

Sure enough, Jane was the midwife for a birth on Saturday, and attended the planned birth on Monday. Jane said she could feel the formulas kick in, and felt her confidence grow and grow as the births progressed.

This is what Jane needed to get ‘over the hump’ and regain her confidence. While the Performance session is no longer running, Jane’s confidence is back and her stress levels are normal. She can do her job without fear of being criticised.

* * *

Performance sessions do not take you beyond your own physical and mental thresholds, but they do allow you to perform at your best, whatever that may be. If you have an event coming up, or need help with a specific area of your life, try a Performance session to help you get where you want to be.


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