Loder Peak via Door Jam Mountain

May 29, 2017

I had previously summited Loder Peak via Jura Creek, which is the hiking route described by Gillean Daffern. I wanted to do the scramble route from the other side, via Door Jam Mountain. Both routes are good – it just depends on what you are after and how comfortable you are on steep slabs. If this report does not thrill you, then the Daffern hiking route is a great way to nab this summit.


Quality hiking boots with excellent tread, poles, and your regular day pack kit.


From the Jura Creek parking spot, start on the main trail. Take first right to immediately gain the ridge. Follow ridge to Door Jam Mountain, and then continue on the ridge to Loder Peak. Return the same way, or go down via gully to Jura Creek. Follow creek back to parking spot.

Trail Head

Park at the Jura Creek Trail Head, which is conveniently marked on Google Maps. This is directly across from the industrial site. Please do not park on the road as large trucks are continually passing. If the area is full, then you’ll have to come back another day.

From the pull out on the north side of the road, go west on the main hiking trail. Keep an eye out for the first major trail on the right. There are a million little trails, so find the one heading straight up the ridge towards Door Jam Mountain.

Main Trail

Once on the trail to Door Jam, just keep going up. I don’t have many photos of lower down because of the noise from the cement works was pretty intense. We were pleasantly surprised that we were able to hike high enough get out of the noise zone.

For the most part, it’s a hike punctuated with sections of fun scrambling on big limestone slabs.

Alisen and Mike making their way up the rocky trail. Photo Credit: Annette Caesar.

It is usually windy here, even on nice days. This can be a blessing on hot days, but quite annoying on chinook wind days.

Annette scrambling up one of the many steep slabs on Door Jam Mountain. Great fun going up, but a little intimidating on the way down. My boots were getting old, so the tread was not holding as nicely as I would have liked. BELOW – you can see the Door Jam ridgeline that connects to the base of the Jura Creek parking spot. Jura Creek is the big washout on the right.
A nice view of some of the slabs. Not too many people had been up here, so the rock was nice and grippy. This is what Heart Mountain would have been like prior to it’s intense usage.
Mike on the summit of Door Jam Mountain, looking at our route to Loder Peak, which is the mountain in front, on the right.

Time to the top of Door Jam Mountain was 1 hour, 45 minutes. Distance is about 2.5 km. Elevation gain is 656 m (2,165′).

Great view of Yamnuska from the top of Door Jam Mountain. Here we found some nice White Bark Pine trees. There was even a Clark’s Nut Cracker, but we just missed getting a photo. Photo Credit: Annette Caesar.

From the summit of Door Jam Mountain, there is a short descent, and then it is a ridge walk to Loder Peak.

Mike on his way to Loder Peak. I am standing at the low point after descending Door Jam. From here, it’s a lovely ridge hike to the summit.
Mike on Loder Peak, digging out the summit register. Behind him on the right is the gully that makes up the optional hiking / traverse route.

Distance to the summit of Loder Peak is about 3 KM. Elevation gain is 768 m (2,534′). Hiking time is 2 hours, 15 minutes.

On the summit of Loder Peak. There were a lot of little black bugs in the summit cairn, so we quickly took some photos and ran back to Door Jam to eat our lunch. Photo Credit: Annette Caesar.
Great views of some classic mountains from Loder. On the left is the backside of Pigeon Mountain. Straight ahead is Wind Ridge, with the Three Sisters behind. On the right is Anklebiter Ridge, another scramble in this area.

Loder Peak Return

If you want a there and back trip, then turn around at Loder Peak and retrace your steps.

Looking back towards Door Jam Mountain. Across the highway is a great view of the Heart Mountain Traverse and the descent route.

If you want to make this a traverse, then descend the other side of Loder Peak, and head for the col that connects with Old Goat Mountain. From the col, there is a path down through the treed gully that takes you to Jura Creek. Once at Jura Creek, turn left and hike back to the parking spot.

Loder Peak is a lovely but short scramble, best saved for early or late season as you don’t need all day to do it.

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Totals – Tracked on Map My Hike

Date: May 29, 2017
Group:  Three (Alisen, Mike and Annette)
Distance:  6.5 km
Elevation:  768 m (2,534′)
Time:  4 hours (includes 1/2 hour lunch)

At just under 8 km, this is a quick scramble close to home.
It is a steady climb to Door Jam and Loder, but the slabs always keep it entertaining.
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5 comments on “Loder Peak via Door Jam Mountain
  1. Must do that as soon as the snow melts! I think the hiking might be over for the year, except for the lower canyon options. We did Grotto canyon last Sunday (pickle jar on Saturday) and loved the inukshuk garden and the cave. Looking forward to doing it in December when the waterfalls have frozen over.But back to your hike, it looks perfect for May or June 2021. I appreciate the detail you provide in your posts. It helps a lot 💕 Have a wonderful week, Alisen.

    • alisendopf says:

      Grotto is lovely! Have you been up Jura Creek? It’s a long way to the end, but it’s super fun with all the rock formations. That is the alternate route to Loder.

      It’s been years since I was at Picklejar. Good for you for making the most of the wonderful fall weather!!!

      I did find some more good hikes in the Sheep River area. Missing Link, and I might also do Volcano Ridge. However, I do agree with you that it’s time to start switching to the boards. Need MORE snow to fall though 🙂

      Have a great week too!

      • No, not yet. We’ve looked at it on some hiking websites and think it looks like a good one to do. I didn’t realize it was the alternative route to Loder. Good to know! Have you climbed Grotto Mountain itself? We have a condo in Three Sisters (which looks across at Grotto Mountain) so often look for something to do near there in an afternoon. We might do McGilvery Canyon next weekend if there isn’t too much snow.
        I haven’t heard of Volcano Ridge so will definitely google that. Thanks for all the useful tips 😊

      • alisendopf says:

        I tried to do Grotto once, but ended up missing the proper tail head. Our daughters were very young and we didn’t want to get caught in that big crack/gully 1/2 way up. Anyhoo, went too far, then came back. Went up a bit, but by then the day was a-wasting… Still on the old bucket list.

        Hey – we should do a joint post. Maybe call it Hiking and Healing?

      • I’d love to do that! I’ve messaged you through the contact details on your website.

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